I am thrilled that you popped by and hope you will visit often!  This tiny spot of the internet is my way of keeping up with today, remembering yesterdays and considering what lies ahead.  Above everything else it is truly my attempt to capture personal experiences while they are fresh on my mind.  If any of these shared moments or thoughts encourage, entertain or interest you then I will consider the time spent typing and posting worth while.

Born in 1962, I am the mother of three grown children and wife, since 1984, to my dear husband, Juaquin.  You will learn more about them and our adventures as a family, here.  Twenty-one of our years were as an Air Force family out and about in the world!  Having never wanted to leave my hometown of Fort Worth,  Texas, but trusting God as guide of my life, makes for some pretty interesting tales!

MANY more people, places and things have brought me to the very place I am now, and my life has been sprinkled with people asking about the hows and whys of some of these experiences.  Not all of those experiences have been easy to discuss, but fortunately, most have been positive, funny and encouraging! It just seemed time to re-visit and record some of them here.

~ Sandra Bradshaw

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