Merry Christmas 2018

Here I am squeezing in our Christmas Greeting on the final day of the Season, Epiphany or Three King’s Day. I remember learning about the significance of this day many years ago and thought, “maybe this is why so many people leave their Christmas decorations up past New Years Day.?” I’m all in, so wreaths and decorations come down tomorrow. 🎄

Merry Christmas AND Happy New Year to each of you! 2018 proved to be a very good year for me and Juaquin.

Two incredible highlights of the year were the arrival of more grand babies! Joshua, Sarah and Harrison welcomed Amelia Evelyn to the world on April 20th.


Joshua, Sarah, Harrison & Amelia

While Jana, Stephen, Sadie and Hannah were thrilled with the arrival of Harper Faith on August 3rd.


Jana, Stephen, Sadie, Hannah & Harper

Both babies have been growing strong and beautiful ever since their birth days! We could not be any happier for our family.

Summer had us bidding farewell to Seth as he deployed to the Middle East for four months. He was able to complete his Bachelors Degree with the last classes online. We were very grateful for his safe return home in November, and happy for his determination to complete college.

Work on our house continues with Juaquin serving as general contractor and labor crew for most of the projects. It is coming along very well…slowly but surely. Juaquin is saving us loads of money with all the DIY!

After applying to a few neighboring school districts I was happy to be offered a position with Godley ISD. I am teaching third grade this year and love it! My class is filled with a lot of energetic and clever children. My head stays on a swivel just to keep up with them all. Some classes simply combine to be a bit unique. This is one such class! Just look at the two pictures below. We normally stack chairs at the end of each day, but this day there was a special request to have students put chairs on the desks to accommodate a special cleaning. Easy enough request! Or is it? As I returned from delivering my students to their designated spots for bus or parent pickup I looked to the classroom across the hall and thought, “how nice and tidy”. Then I came to my classroom door. “Yep, that’s my classroom!”This pretty much summed up where we, as a class, were as of 21 September. We have much improved, I promise! 😊

As much as I love selecting and sending out Christmas cards I simply failed to muster up extra energy for it this Christmas season. I have already vowed to get it done next year! Christmas Greetings are a tradition I truly love and hope to keep doing for many more years.

As always, let us know if you are in the area. We were so happy to meet up with friends Anne Marie and Joe from New Jersey when they were in Fort Worth this summer. Such a neat couple from Navigator training days at Mather A.F.B.

Juaquin and I wish you the very best for 2019! May God keep you and yours safe, sound and in good health throughout the year.

~ Sandra 💕🎄💕🎄

4 responses to “Merry Christmas 2018

  1. Oh my gosh, the classroom chair photos really did make me laugh out loud! Those photos are hilarious. I love the charming portraits of the kids and grandkids! Glad to hear all is going so well for the ever growing Bradshaw family.
    P.S. The Christmas decorations get downsized each year around here–pretty sure the tree will be eliminated at some point, ;-).
    Rita W.

    • Those chairs were exactly the way my students “stacked” them. It was very much a lol moment! I am determined to go all out for Christmas next year. I truly missed having it all up. Thanks for popping in, Rita!

  2. I was wondering what had happened to your Christmas letter but here it is! Your grand babies are precious! Wishing you, Juaquin and all your family a Happy New Year!🎈

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