A “Grand” Adventure

Got a message from our daughter, Jana, in December asking me and Juaquin, “Do you think you and dad would be able and willing to come watch Sadie and Hannah while we go on a trip to New Zealand? We’ll fly you out. Think about it. We got a crazy-good deal!” “Hummmm”, I thought. Here we were approaching Christmas, in the thick of a never-ending home improvement project, we BOTH need to find full-time jobs and we have a fish to consider. (Okay, the fish excuse was a stretch. It’s easy to find a place for him to hang out. 😏) Still, we needed to really think about this offer/request.

We were immediately ready to say YES at the thought of seeing and spending time with these grand girls. Then we considered the following:
~ These sweet bundles of joy were now mobile, inquisitive, non-stop toddlers (a two year old and 16 month old).
~ This babysitting session was a 13 day commitment.
~ My knees MAY not be up to this endeavor.
We thought it over and a month later we told the kids that, “Granny Sandy and Bucky Buck accept”.

Our son, Seth, kindly drove us to Love Field Airport and agreed to fish-sit our blue beta, Kris. We arrived in Seattle on Friday 9 February. Jana and Stephen boarded a flight for New Zealand that Sunday afternoon. By Sunday evening we were on our own.

The 24/7 attention-to-everything mode was gearing up. That innate, parental radar was back on to make sure these girls were safe, fed, clean, safe, healthy, content, safe, active….did I mention safe? At our ages, this babysitting stint was a two person happening and I have the best partner in Juaquin! He was an amazing dad and still has the skills as a grand dad.

We survived. The girls survived. (and) We were incredibly grateful TG when mama and dada were back in place (at home) with their girls. I’ll let pictures of our venture take it from here…

We knew that Hannah takes a mid morning nap, we just weren’t sure when. I found Bucky Buck and Hannah asleep at 10:30 a.m. Nap time was now noted!

Hannah loves sticking reusable animal stickers from her grandma Wanda on the sliding glass doors.

Baking Valentine’s Day sugar cookies with Sadie! ❤️💕❤️

We continued to take the girls to their day care for a few days each week. One of those days was February 14, Valentine’s Day. Jana left cards for the girls that we could fill out together. Sounded easy enough. I had plenty of experience with this activity when our kids were little. Well, we managed to miscount, mislabel and mess up a lot of these V-cards! We finally sorted Sadie’s class set and completely created a set for Hannah’s class!

We had ONE clear day that allowed us to see Mt. Rainier. It’s a beautiful view near the house!

Our days moved along with playing games, planning & cooking meals, diaper changes, potty training (which Sadie is pretty much there 👍🏻), reading books, singing, naps, hide-n-seek, bathtime, prayers at bedtime, counting down to mama and dada returning, favorite movies, snow days, baking chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with Bucky Buck, crafting…

With four days left, Juaquin and I decided to go see Seattle. We dropped the girls off at daycare and headed 35 miles north. We drove around a bit and saw Pikes Place Market, the original Ivar’s, the Space Needle, a cool umbrella sculpture, Washington’s FEMINIST (see vanity plate below) and the best car wash sign ever! Then we drove back to get the girls. SEEING Seattle 👀 was enough for us.

Our visit was winding down. It was wonderful to have been able to spend this time with our two grand daughters. Jana and Stephen arrived home safely Friday afternoon. We spent our last day watching the girls at their Saturday morning Little Gym classes. By noon we were back in Seattle boarding a Southwest flight heading home to Texas. We even got one more peek of the tip of Mt. Rainier from the plane!

We are so glad we were able to spend this time with two sweet girls that we love so much!

4 responses to “A “Grand” Adventure

  1. Sadie still talks about all her fun adventures she had when y’all were here! They love playing those games too! So thankful for you guys coming to visit and watch them 💕

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