Christmas Letter 2015

Hello to any and all family and friends that have peeked in to check out our 2015 update! Our year will be remembered fondly as we welcomed our first and second grandbabies to this world. We are thrilled to take on the role of grandparents and enjoy any and all moments we get with these two sweeties!

Sadie Veronica arrived 15 April

Sadie Veronica arrived 15 April

Harrison Germick arrived 20 June

Harrison Germick arrived 20 June

I could end here and all would be right with the world, but there was a little more to our year than these precious arrivals. Here’s a recap:

Juaquin continues working in the garden, sneeking in new baby-chicks to add to Sandra’s collection of hens and working in Technology at Aubrey ISD.
Sandra made her way back to the classroom and is teaching third grade ELAR (English Language Arts and Reading) with Pilot Point ISD. Adjusting to a classroom filled with enthused children has been the easy part. It has also been a delight to have dry eraser boards rather than chalk, and a document camera that seems almost magical to Mrs. Bradshaw. Embracing the never-ending emails and documenting information in duplicate and even triplicate form is less fun, but she’s managing it.
Joshua and Sarah continue to live, work and make their lives in Austin. They welcomed a darling baby boy, Harrison, into their lives and are adjusting very well!

Joshua, Sarah and baby Harrison

Joshua, Sarah and baby Harrison

Jana and Stephen are slated to complete their assignments at Dover AFB this upcoming summer. Onward they will go to a new base with their new bundle of joy, Sadie!
Jana, Stephen and Sadie

Jana, Stephen and Sadie

Seth, now affectionately called “Uncle Baby Seth”, continues to work on his fixer-upper house in Fort Worth and serve full-time with the Texas Air National Guard. He recently completed a three-month formal training at Sheppard AFB as an Aircrew Flight Equipment specialist. Sandra and Juaquin were happy to join him for the graduation.
Juaqin and Seth

Juaquin and Seth

All Together!  21 December 2015

All Together! 21 December 2015

On a less enthusiatic note, we said goodbye to Juaquin’s dad this past year. Delbert put up quite the fight against a lengthy illness. He was cared for at home with visits from Hospice and the incredible devotion from his wife, Mary and daughter, D’Lynn.

This life is sprinkled with amazing joys that keep us hopeful.

First Christmas Cousins!

First Christmas Cousins!

This season of CHRISTmas and a New Year are welcomed reminders of such Hope. We wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with the Everlasting Hope in Him!

Sandra and Juaquin

2 responses to “Christmas Letter 2015

  1. Great Letter! We must visit you two this year. It is on my list. Juan has even mentioned it!!! Miss you guys!

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