Visiting Geese

This, our third summer in the country, has been made a bit ‘cooler’ with a pair of Canadian geese and their baby! Each year, since we moved in, we have noticed geese flying in and around our pond for pit-stops, week long visits or to spend just enough time for breakfast or dinner. There is one pair, however, that call this pond and the surrounding property, home from February through spring.
2013 and 2014 we thought for sure this little couple were going to treat us to scenes of tiny goslings learning to swim and fish. We could see the geese prepare for such an event as the female goose would spend hours sitting on what we suspected to be a nest while the male goose would go off in search for food or possibly a better homestead. Two summers hoping for babies resulted in the pair eventually leaving for, we presume, cooler climates.

February 2015 brought our Canadian pair back to the pond.

Winter 2015

Winter 2015

March 4 2015 023
Juaquin snapped a few pics of our pair in early spring

Juaquin snapped a few pics of our pair in early spring

17 March 2015 044 The pair stayed during the colder months that included a couple of snowy days, they remained during our unusual monsoon rains of April and May and they stayed put, to our surprise, during June. This time there was a reason for their stay…a single, tiny, fuzzy yellow reason. Our little Canadian geese couple had welcomed a gosling!
Juaquin spots the fuzzy new addition and snaps away!

Juaquin spots the fuzzy new addition and snaps away!

18June 2015 01118June 2015 013

18June 2015 02118June 2015 029 We were thrilled and have enjoyed watching the couple care and tend to this little guy these past two months. The gosling has grown quickly and soon has coloring of its parents.IMG_3895IMG_3897IMG_3899 I have no idea what happens now.? We have learned a few things about Canadian geese during our time here. We have learned that: they mate for life, female and males are similar in appearance, males tend to be bigger than the female and if one flies away for a period of time it is likely to be the male as he searches for food or scopes out new destinations. OH, and we have learned that they are quite vocal with a very loud and distinctive ‘honk’. We enjoy hearing them as much as we enjoy seeing them! Living yard accents are definitely a plus in country living!

Any Canadian geese stories out there? I would love to hear your expereinces and added information about them.

5 responses to “Visiting Geese

  1. Well, Texas is a great place to raise kids and I guess your Canada Geese decided to spend the whole summer at your place! It must have been fun watching them. I wonder if they’ll stay for the winter now that it’s so late in the season. Seems too much trouble to go back to Canada (?) only to turn around and head south again in a couple of months. Maybe the heat is too much for them now, though. Thanks for a heartwarming story and keep us posted on this little family!


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