Tulips in Texas? Yes! Lots of them thanks to a family that uprooted from their home in Holland to create a new life here in America. Warning: Picture-palooza ahead! There was so much blooming beauty that my husband and I clicked away on our March 22nd visit.1 April 2015 0021 April 2015 003I am always thrilled to learn about business ventures by individuals or families. Putting your hands, heart and head to work and creating a service or product that can be sold for profit in order to keep a roof over your head and food on the table is simply a part of life. Growing rows of colorful tulips seems an especially nice way of trying to earn your keep! That is what the Koemans, a Dutch family from Holland, have done near Pilot Point, Texas.1 April 2015 0071 April 2015 0151 April 2015 0161 April 2015 018 Here are two articles and a local news segment that nicely sum up the story behind Texas-Tulips and the Koeman family: 380 Guide Magazine, My Informs~Tip Toe in the Texas Tulips and CBS Dallas feature1 April 2015 0191 April 2015 0221 April 2015 0231 April 2015 026Once I learned that tulip bulbs had been planted in December I began watching for growth in February. This farm is located relatively close to our home so driving by for a little peek-a-loo was easy to do. When March arrived the blooming colors started popping up and continue to date.1 April 2015 0331 April 2015 0271 April 2015 0281 April 2015 034

My hubby, Juaquin

My hubby, Juaquin

My husband and I decided to check out the farm on Sunday, March 22nd. We knew the ground would be very wet and muddy after what seemed like weeks of grey days and lots of rain so we tossed our wellie boots in the back of the car. So glad we did! The tulips were gorgeous but seemingly trapped in beds of mud. That didn’t stop us. We sloshed in between rows of beauty and I plucked up six tulips to take home with us.
Me just before finding a lot of mud

Me just before finding a lot of mud

I went back a week later and discovered the ground to be firm and dry and the tulips doing what nature intends. Sunshine, wind, a passing rain shower or two and time were bringing the tulips to their knees. It is simply the way of all living things. Oh, there are still plenty of tulips worthy of picking and taking back to your favorite vase (I bought another six) but it was a reminder that the Texas-Tulips farm is (naturally) on show for a limited time. So get there soon!1 April 2015 0361 April 2015 041
Got this incredible tulip on my second visit

Got this incredible tulip on my second visit

Of course, we sure hope that this dear family is willing to get lots of rest, plan and do it all over again next year.
Admission to Texas-Tulips farm is free
Pick-your-own tulips ~ $2.50 per stem
For more details visit: Texas-Tulips

2 responses to “Texas-Tulips

  1. My oh my! Who would have expected to see such a sight in Texas? This couple must have an interesting story to tell. I imagine (and hope!) that they are selling their tulips, when still tightly closed, to
    florists and grocery stores throughout the region. I wish them much success and a happy re-settling in Texas!
    Thanks for the unique ‘spring themed’ post!

    • It is a very interesting story, Rita. I found an additional clip (local CBS feature) that I am adding to this post. The entire family is so charming! When we arrived their son, Pieter Jr., was welcoming visitors. He had a light green button-down shirt neatly tucked in his jeans and sported a pastel stripped tie with his blond hair neatly combed and slicked back. Just so cute! He, dad and sister would dart back and forth on bikes for shift change.

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