Tutu Cute!

Been busy in this new year with the start of a part-time job as well as keeping extra thoughts and prayers on not just one but TWO grand-babies due in 2015.
Our daughter, Jana, and her husband are expecting a baby girl in April and our son, Joshua, and his wife will welcome a baby boy in July. We are thrilled!!
Instead of nesting (the way new mommies do during pregnancy months) I found myself interested in creative, homemade ideas for baby. First things first…dust off my 20+ year old sewing machine and start looking at the latest ideas via YouTube and Pinterest. I do not have an account for either, but, as you probably know, the ideas are endless on both sites. Definitely one of the positive aspects of the Internet!

Shortly after learning about our first on-the-way-baby, I came across the perfect onesie (brown with a little western screening) and grabbed it. It is perfect for a boy, but if a baby girl was on the way then I could just make a tutu.Tutu 1
I hoped to find a tutorial on tutus and was thrilled to find TONS of tutu tutorials! Here is a link to the one I used: No Sew Tutu Tutorial I was very happy with how it turned out and added a little bling buckle to it. I made the tutu for a 12-month onesie and was a bit surprised at just how fluffy it came out. Clearly the tiny waist measurement of this tutu resulted in a tutu that can also serve as a fancy booster-seat while she practices sitting up! I hope to make more in the future and will play with the level of ‘fluffiness’. Here’s the finished product. Tutus pretty much rock!
Tutu 2Tutu 3Tutu 4


8 responses to “Tutu Cute!

  1. Oh, my gosh!!! Two grandbabies?? So excited for you all!!! : ) Cute outfit. You are going to be a fantastic grandma, or whatever you choose to be called.

    • Thank you Dottie. It is definitely very exciting times. Juaquin already has names for both of us. Ha! Leave it to him to be thinking of those very important aspects of being a grandparent. =)

  2. How fun… your gift has always been creativity! AND… BTW… what willl you and Juaquin call yourselves as grandparents???

    • Marilyn, Juaquin has declared me to be Granny Sandy and him Papa Juaq! He’s so funny. I like both but we shall see what the little ones think. Do you think all these grandparent names are actually quietly prompted by grandparents? I’ve been wondering…

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