“I’m Not a Weed”

Alice I'm not a weedGetting the surrounding open field of our property weed-free has become a top priority. When we first moved here two years ago I was thrilled to walk around and discover all sorts of blooming flowers. I have no idea the names of these pretty popups but I snapped some pictures of them before we started mowing. Every time I see a new batch of blooming beauties I immediately think of scene from Disney’s Alice In Wonderland where the fancy, but rather smug flowers, are teasing Alice as she wanders through the garden. She deals with those bullies of the field the way we should all be willing to deal with any bullies in our life. Alice initially cowards a bit from their ugliness but then she gathers her composure, stands up straight and blurts back at them, “I’m NOT a weed!” Well done, Alice!FlowerFlower 2Flower 3Flower 4Flower 5

As I walked among the straggling flowers in our field, knowing they have to go, I imagined them saying to me, “but I’m not a weed”. Since it is our goal to get the bigger part of our property growing strong, beautiful grass that can be cut for hay or maybe a lush field of grass for grazing goats then I’m afraid these pretty blooms gotta go.

We are still a long way from being where it needs to be but we are determined to get there. We will feed the field naturally by spreading dry molasses along with all the chicken poo I collect each morning from the sleeping coop.
Our welcome mat and gratitude are always offered for any rain that comes our way!


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