Start a Tradition: 4th of July

Any fellow Dennis Prager fans out there? I only discovered the Dennis Prager radio show last year and I am sure glad I stay tuned! I found the Prager show on our local North Texas station 660-AM and quickly learned that he really knows how to get a person to think. To ponder. To consider. To decide for themselves.
Currently, I am only able to listen to the midday program in the car, and fortunately, I am in the car a lot during the midday.

Prager discusses news of the day, history, and timeless topics in his ‘special topic of the day hour’. For example, Fridays he presents The Happiness Hour (my personal favorite). Wednesdays he gets you thinking with The Man / Woman hour (WAIT, this is my favorite). Monday, Tuesday and Thursday also contain a special topic for an hour so look the show up in your area and have a listen!

Yesterday I happened to be running errands with my nearly-6 year old nephew, Felix. We had a water bill to pay, a check to deposit, minnows to buy for night-time fishing in the pond and an orange slush with nerds candy to purchase during Sonic’s Happy Hour. It was just enough running around time to allow me to hear Dennis mention the 4th of July Declaration video and download at Parger University (an amazing site to keep us all learning and thinking).

Get all you need here: 4th of July printable –CLICK AND WATCH

I will not go into any detail, but I will encourage you to take time to click the free link, watch the 8 minute:16 second video, read the simple list of things needed and start this simple little tradition with your family and friends. Perfect for all ages regardless of color, religion, creed and all the in-between. You will be glad you did! Better yet, come on back and share what you think and let us know if you put a new tradition into your 4th of July celebration.

Happy 4th of July to us all!


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