Scoop on Coops ~ preface

More chickens means an added coop for shelter, protection and a little privacy for those laying hens. Reading, researching and learning as much as possible helped us finalize our coop plans. When you begin to re-read the same suggestions and helpful hints on chicken needs then you can create your to-do list rather quickly: secured area for night, good ventilation, fresh water that is off the ground, nesting boxes for egg laying and so on.
I am not sure how I came across this incredibly helpful, and entertaining chicken coop blog entry, but I’m glad I did!

Fancy Farm Girl's Coop

Fancy Farm Girl’s Coop

I was familiar with Fancy Farm Girl, Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon, from her contributions to another favorite of mine, Where Women Magazines. Tiffany’s chicken coop is over-the-top Uh-mazing and fanciful! Still, her blog entry keeps the world of chicken raising real which I deeply appreciated.
So, before I give you a peek into our more modest coop(s) I want you to visit this link to Fancy Farm Girls: Here’s The Coop… I’m pretty sure you will get a kick out what she has created. Plus, you are likely to learn even more about raising chickens.


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