2013 Finale

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

December 2013 remained unusually cold for North Texas which was a nice reminder that winter is the season for chilly, frosty and dreary days. Sometimes I am taken back by the weatherman that express ‘unusually cold temperatures for this time of year’, as if Texas is situated much closer to the equator where temps remain summer-like. North-Central Texas can and does get cold with occasional highs in the 60s and 70s during winter. I just want to put that out there for anyone that may have been misled in thinking Texas offers summer warmth year round.
The ice dumped in the early part of December hung around for over a week.pond 3 The pond on our property had a thin sheet of ice for a few days.pond 1pond 2 Fortunately, the weather warmed up a bit and we welcomed all three of our children home for Christmas!christmas2
Josh, Seth and Jana circa 1992

Josh, Seth and Jana circa 1992

I must admit that I am still trying to get use to not having my kids here at home. I miss them!! However, I am thrilled that they have grown to be sensible, caring and hard-working young adults that are making their way in the world. I realize that my prayers to have my children grow into the very adults God intended them to be is happening. I could not ask for anything more!
Christmas Eve is particularly busy in our home. Our youngest son was born on December 24th 1990 and we have always made an extra effort to celebrate his birthday without combining it with the wonder of Christmas.
cuppies waiting to be frosted

cuppies waiting to be frosted

I made the requested birthday dinner of beef stroganoff, and baked double chocolate cupcakes (from scratch) topped with freshly mixed butter-cream (blue) frosting. Dinner was served around 5:00 and cupcakes and ice-cream were devoured when we got home from a candle-light service at the local Methodist Church.
Yummy treats from Josh and his wife, Sarah!  Oh, and a lovely hand-made plate and tiny cake from her mom.

Yummy treats from Josh and his wife, Sarah and a lovely hand-made plate with a tiny pumpkin~chocolate cake from her mom.

Oh, and did I mention new chicks? Leave it to my man-child husband to drag birthday-boy-Seth and daughter-Jana to the local feed store to purchase 9 baby chicks.
Christmas Peeps!

Christmas Peeps!

He had been watching the chicks for a few weeks. Clearly, the presence of his ‘children’ pushed him into commitment. The chicks are cute, and doing well. Chicken updates to follow!
(belated) Merry Christmas Everyone! *peep-peep*


2 responses to “2013 Finale

  1. I am already dreading the day when I have to share my children at the holidays. Glad yours all made it home. Those chicks are adorable. If only they stayed that cute and small. ..it would be easy to sneak a few as pets.

    • Oh to keep them (chicks and children) small! 🙂 What a wonderful thought, Angela! Then again, that would keep the added joys of growing from happening. We have a ‘no pressure’ policy regarding holiday visits. The kids know we would love nothing more than to have them near ALWAYS, but we do not want them to grow stressed from such pressures. It is a practice that seems to keep us all content, so we will keep it.

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