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When it comes to music I enjoy a lot of different genres. Our in-home satellite radio is currently set to Willie’s Roadhouse with the occasional click to the classic rock and 80’s station. Lately, I have been playing a CD in an old boombox of a band I was accidentally introduced to by my youngest son, Seth.

Shortly after moving to our new place, Seth was living with us and helped out tremendously with some home improvement projects. He was our one-man demolition crew and managed to pull up old flooring in three bedrooms as well as scrape popcorn texture from every room in the house. Two tasks neither fun nor easy, but he was trooper and got it done.

One Friday evening while we worked at laying wood flooring Seth stepped away to read a text message. He popped back and asked if we could do without him for the rest of the evening. Considering I was sitting on a step-stool reading an autobiography about Norman Rockwell and, my husband, Juauquin was plugging along getting the flooring in place quickly because he and Seth had already cut the lengths needed, it was safe to say that we could manage the project on our own.
Seth explained that a friend he met in a college class sent a text saying that she was singing backup with a band in Denton and encouraged friends to come hear them. Seems she had recently replaced a previous member and was getting ready to travel with the band to Tennessee. I asked Seth the name of the band. He could not remember it, but would tell me later.

I am not exactly sure how many months passed before I inquired about the band again, but when I did ask Seth, “now what was the name of that band you saw in Denton a while back?” He was quick to tell me “SERYN”. It seems that the band was really taking off and traveling to various cities in the states. How exciting, I thought!Sandi Blog 2013 063The next few days I finally took time to look on the internet to see what I could find about Seryn. I was not disappointed. In fact, I got completely lost in that YouTube clicking that manages to expose me to people, places and things I would otherwise never knew existed.
An hour and many song links later, I quickly learned that Seryn is a band woven together by the instrumental and vocal talents of five young men and one young woman. Most of my introduction to the band was from various video clips spanning from 2010 thru 2013. I cannot explain why, but one particular video of their song ‘Towering’ became my favorite. I love the song, but I think because it was filmed live in a gondyla, on the slopes of Colorado, the song stayed with me even more. A gondyla! How crazy-cool is that?!? Have a look and listen for yourself: Gondyla Sessions with Seryn
I also fell in love with the song ‘We Will All Be Changed’ when I saw the lead singer intro the song with an accordion! Here’s the song: We Will Be Changed
Of course, recordings found online are often raw and do not capture the crisp, cleaned up version we experience from a studio recording. Regardless, I feel that their talent prevails and hope you do, too.
So, having clicked and decided on my favorite Seryn songs via Youtube, I thought it was time to check out their concert schedule. I discovered that this band was all over the place. From the northeast corners of the nation to the west coast of California.
Fortunately, a grounded band, such as this one, finds it’s way home and that home would be Denton. Just 18 miles <— that way for me! I mentioned an upcoming concert date to my husband, forgot about it and figured we had plenty of time to get tickets. Two days before the Friday evening event at Dan’s Silver Leaf I peeked online to discover that the box to ‘click here for tickets’ was gone. Was it sold out? It didn’t say ‘sold out’…hummmm No matter, Friday evening came around and we drove to Denton.

Parking was a snap (aka: no cost, and less than 150 feet from the club). We queued up and inched toward the door until a gentleman (later learned his name is Jimmy) strolled out and announced, “the show is sold out, if you don’t have tickets please exit the line”. Great! The old couple (us) who should have enough life experience to make better plans and buy the tickets while that ‘click here for ticket’ button is still visible, had to leave the line.
We walked around a bit while I kicked myself for not buying the tickets when I should have. Juaquin sweetly suggested we hang around and see if there are no shows. Fat chance… My optimism was spent for the night. We eventually drove to Lowes to follow-up on an appliance we ordered because we were not ready to go home.

By the time we were ready to leave Denton it was 9:30, and we agreed to head back to Dan’s and see if we could manage to get in. Parking was even better than before and we made our way to the door. My optimism was returning. By now a big, hand-written sign of “SOLD OUT” was taped to the door, but I wanted a copy of Seryn’s CD and thought I could at least ask about buying one. On the sidewalk, Jimmy was chatting with four young ladies. I waited until he was done talking to ask him about purchasing a CD. He slowly looked left then right and said,”you want to see the show? I can let you in, but you’ll have to sit in the back with all the old folks”. Now, some might take offense to such discriminating words, but not us! I flashed a giant, happy smile while Juaquin shook Jimmy’s hand, asked his name and said “Thanks Jimmy”. What went unsaid was ‘you just made my wife very, very happy’, and he did!

We popped in the door, paid our $36.00 and were asked to present our Drivers License. The young lady ran each licence through a swipe-machine which I had never seen. Jimmy reminded me of my age with his comment and this modern ‘DL-swipe’ reminded me that I need to get out more.

Band Seryn in Denton

Band Seryn in Denton

Juaquin managed to guide me smack dab in the center of 20-somethings where we stood and enjoyed an amazing concert in a very small venue. Seryn’s performance flowed beyond my expectations! A woman standing to the right of me sang each and every song out-loud and I loved that she did. About half way through the playlist she leaned over to me and with a great big grin she said, ‘that’s my baby up there’. I asked, ‘the singer?’ She smiled, shook her head yes and happily told me her age after she planted a big kiss on my cheek. She was a mom of a growing-grOWing-GROWN son, just like me! She was happy to be alive, to be enjoying an evening experiencing the immense talent of her son, four other sons and one daughter! There is great joy in spending time with a grown child. How wonderful it would be to still have my little brood of three nearby, but life moves on and you enjoy them every chance you get. I totally get the joy of the singer’s mom and felt blessed to be there as well.
Band Seryn in Denton

Band Seryn in Denton

The band finished, and was called back with loud clapping, whooping and whistling. The encore song was an amazing rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’. A few lights went on and I bee-lined to the table with CDs and posters. I got my CD and I was able to tell the female vocal, Jenny, that I knew of the band from my son. She said ‘you recently moved to Pilot Point! Is Seth here?’. So sweet! She is instant positive PR for an already positive group.
Then, I wanted to express my appreciation to the rest of the band that had also made their way to the CD table. I wanted to tell them how much I loved that they managed to find each other and how much I enjoyed their harmony, and variety of instrument work. I wanted them to know that their collective, God-given talent was inspiring. How hard can it be to express such truths? Evidently a challenge for me at that time because all I managed to say outloud was “Y’all be sure to get plenty of rest!” WHAT?! Where did that come from? It was like that scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphy finally gets to tell Santa exactly what he wants for Christmas and then blows it. Clearly, my mom-instincts did an over-ride to what I really wanted to express and, instead, blurted out motherly advice. I hope the two band members that were in ear shot (should they even remember) don’t hold it against this fan…and I hope they ARE getting plenty of rest!

For anyone interested in soaking up some amazing music I would encourage you to keep your eyes and ears open for Seryn. I am certain that most will be impressed and appreciate the harmony of voices, and command of instruments to include sprinkles of banjo, accordion, ukulele and more.
Anyone able to venture to Arlington, Texas can take advantage of a FREE concert tomorrow evening, Friday 6 September 2013. This band is for all ages!
Details: FREE Concert at Levitt Pavillion in Arlington, Texas
Seryn website


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