Summer Rain

Anyone familiar with the Texas heat will know that cloud coverage, rain, and daily temperatures that stay under the 100 degree mark are welcome breaks during the summer months.
Last month, July offered a few such welcome breaks.
Since my husband and I are still marching through our first year of living in a rural setting, each day we see, hear, feel and sometimes even smell something new! Most of these experiences are interesting and make me smile while others bring on an “ewwwww” or “OH NO” reaction.
July’s cloudy-rainy moments definitely brought smiles each day we were blessed with a heat hiatus.

Weather forecasts were emphasizing an “interesting system that was moving from the east and would most likely bring cooler temps and rain our way”. They were right! The evening before the system was due in our area the sky directly to the east of us offered a strong, cool breeze and a sky streaked with cotton candy like clouds. Just gorgeous!Rain system from east 1

Cotton Candy Sky

Cotton Candy Sky

The next day was rainy and temperatures did not leave the low 80’s. Walking around the thirsty soil and seeing rain puddles gather in July was a real treat! There was also a sweet, earthy smell that hung in the air. The barn cats seemed to appreciate the unusual event as much as me! Rain puddles in July 2

Puddles in July

Puddles in July

A couple of days later two big sage bushes that grow on the east side of our house exploded in their signature purple blooms. Bees came a buzzin’ and butterflies came to gather nectar. Sage 1
Beautiful big butterfly!

Beautiful big butterfly!

sage and butterfly 2sage and butterfly
Then there were TWO!

Then there were TWO!

A few days following the rain I grabbed my camera when I saw this sunset in the west. Such evening displays are frequent, but a lone star (most likely a planet, I just do not know which one) sat sweetly over a neighbor’s house directly across our little pond. Under a lucky star neighbor Kinda looks like a lucky little house, don’t you think?


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