Out-n-About ~ Lavender Ridge Farm

Lavender welcomeI have always enjoyed driving about and peeking in on local attractions. Whether it is a museum, zoo, historic site, antique shop, park or old cemetery I love seeing and learning about such things! I grew up with a dad that insisted on “Sunday drives” no matter what day of the week. Such day-tripping clearly rubbed off on me!
Our recent move to far north Texas has me searching the internet for new adventure destinations, and when I learned that there was a lavender farm in the county just to the north of us I made plans to visit.
I had grown lavender while living in England about twelve years ago. I cannot think of England without thinking of lavender and the ease of growing a colorful and fragrant garden. Though my garden experience was limited, the climate, soil and location of the United Kingdom is the perfect setting for lavender! When I learned that lavender farms are on the rise in our state as well as other parts of our country, I was pleasantly surprised.

Lavender 5Lavender Ridge Farms is located outside of Gainsesville, Texas. A lavender fest is held at the end of May (though subject to weather conditions such as rain) and people are encouraged to visit during the lavender growing season.
My trip to the farm was in mid-July, and the lavender was on it’s way to being ‘spent’, but there were still sprigs ready to cut.

Lavender 4 Here’s how you-cut-it-yourself works at LRF: You are given a basket with scissors and shown a simple illustration highlighting where to cut the stem. The basket will have little wire ties and you are encouraged to fill that wire with as many lavender stems as you can squeeze together and twist the tie closed. The bundle price (at the time of this posting) was $8.00.

Lavender 1You are certainly welcome to visit the farm and not cut lavender. There is no charge for entering and the farm setting is sweet and inviting with sprinkles of garden art and displays that serve for nice photo locations.

Lavender 2
You will find a darling gift shop filled with homemade lavender soap, lavender oils and lotions, culinary lavender, lavender recipe books and other fun lavender-themed items.

Lavender shop 11I would also encourage you to consider grabbing a bite to eat while there. The cafe has a screen covered porch that allows you to sit and enjoy a light meal. My $7.50 (to go) lavender chicken salad lunch consisted of a delicious serving of potato salad, fresh french style green beans and a few saltine crackers. The light infusion of lavender was wonderful!

Lavender Cafe 12 I am not sure whether this, or any, Texas lavender farm ever looks like the amazing waves of purple fields seen from photos of lavender growing in France or England, but I will be happy to visit at peek blooming to find out! If you get to it before me please let me know what you find. I would love to see and hear all about it!

Lavender 3

Links for Lavender Ridge Farm can be found below these photos.

Our Chairy Tree = a little garden humor!

A little garden humor!

Sprucing up the garden with a bit of the past

Sprucing up the garden with a bit of the past

An old football scoreboard from the local area

An old football scoreboard from the local area

GOATS!  Don't worry, they are fenced in a nice shaded area for viewing only.

GOATS! Don’t worry, they are fenced in a nice shaded area for viewing only.

A lovely mimosa near the entry garden.

A lovely mimosa near the entry garden.

Lavender Ridge Farm, Texas: Website and Facebook Page


2 responses to “Out-n-About ~ Lavender Ridge Farm

  1. What a fun day out! Who doesn’t love lavender? Yum, that Lavender Chicken Salad sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing all the details of your visit.

  2. I was looking through old e-mails and ran across this. Sure sounds like a great gals’ day out, dontcha think??? : )

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