Let’s Begin

post 1It seems appropriate that the first post of this blog should explain the title: Cupcakes To Country.  Yes, I have actually stepped away from cupcakes (the business of baking them) and into a more rural life in the country.

After six years of owning, operating and baking as a means of earning a living and surrounding myself with sugary goodness, fabulous employees and amazingly, sweet customers, my husband and I decided it was time to jump out of city dwelling and see how many acres we could embrace by way of a mortgage.

We had actually been seriously looking at land for over four years. We were torn between staying in our home state of Texas or venturing more northwest to Wyoming.  My mother in-law was born and raised in WY and my husband has such fond memories of the state that it seemed natural to consider it. There we were, as if standing on the welcome mat staring straight into the open door marked ‘now entering empty nest years’ facing a big decision.  Prices for a spot of land were high in both states.  Buyers interested in acreage WITH a home were in for sticker shock!  It helped that we spent years watching property and seriously considering the commitment of such a move.

After six years of nurturing our little cupcake-only bakery it continued to grow.  So did our desire to embrace a clearer view of the stars at night.  We trusted our instincts, we trusted our prayers and we got the word out that our business was for sale!  We sold our bakery in October 2012. We moved to 7.5 acres, with a teeny-tiny, 3 bedroom / 2 bath house just north of Fort Worth in the sweet spot of Pilot Point, Texas.

OH, I will continue baking cupcakes but not hundreds of them a day! Country life has already proven to be a daily reminder that change happens. I look forward to sharing some of it here!


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